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    office cleaning nycA clean office is not only a benefit for your employees but impresses your clients as well. A clean office or restaurant is a must. Walking into an office with dirty carpets creates a bad impression but for many offices, especially small businesses, keeping their space clean can be difficult. With daily use the carpets can start to get dirty and pick up stains from dropped coffee or juice. Thanks to our affordable prices, we will make your carpets look clean and we also clean upholstery and chairs. Are you concerned that the cleaning will disrupt your office? We can schedule a cleaning appointment before you open or after for no extra charge.

    Office carpets get heavy foot traffic and can become dirty quickly. Commercial carpeting is designed for long term use and often at the expense of being easy to clean. Dirty traffic lanes can make your carpet look dirty and messy, and, unfortunately, a vacuum will have trouble removing them. If you have a coffee area or people bringing in coffee, you will see coffee or tea stains that are very hard to remove once they dry. GNG Carpet Cleaning of LIC is ready to send experienced carpet and upholstery cleaners who will clean your carpets and remove dirty stains and make your office look spotless. We use cleaning solutions that are specially designed for commercial carpet cleaning and will give you a deep cleaning and remove tough stains.

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    Our cleaning technicians have years of experience in cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery. They will provide you with advances steam cleaning or shampoo cleaning for your carpets. You will amazed at our cleaning results when you see years of dirt and stains removed. We use the latest steam cleaning machines that are both portable and powerful. Even heavy traffic grime will be removed. Best of all, we only use green cleaning detergents so no nasty chemical odors that can set off allergies. Our cleaning solutions are tough on dirt and stains but contain no nasty odors or harmful chemicals.

    We are the top provider of commercial carpet cleaning in NYC and our office are located in Astoria and Long Island City. We will come if you have a small office or huge commercial space. We are fully insured and can provide your building with our insurance certificate. Call us today and we can arrange a free onsite estimate and can arrange a cleaning time that is convenient to your business.

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