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    Choosing a rug is an important step in improving the look of your home but also to provide a nice comfortable floor to walk on. If you want your rug to look great you need to keep it clean. But even with regular vacuuming, dust can gradually build up and damage your rugs. Dust and grime can wear down the rug fiber.  This causes fabric loss. It will also make your rug look dirty and make your home look dirty. If you decide you need a pro for rug cleaning in LIC, Astoria and throughout NYC, call GNG Carpet Cleaning of Long Island City for a free quote at 347-966-7996. GNG Carpet Cleaning offers the best cleaning process for all types of rugs at an affordable price including free pick up and delivery.

    Why Call GNG Cleaning for Rug Cleaning?

    When you call GNG Carpet Cleaning, we can set up a convenient appointment where our staff can come and give you a cleaning estimate. When you are ready to proceed. you can decide if you want the cleaning onsite or have us pick it up and bring to our cleaning factory for a deep cleaning. If your rug is heavily soiled or has pet stains and odors, a deep cleaning is a must. The only way to thoroughly remove pet urine is soaking the rug in a cleaning solution and rinsing it till it is free of urine.

    Our pool cleaning facility, located in Astoria,  is great for Persian and Oriental rugs. Since the rug is soaked in a cleaning pool, the cleaning solution is able to penetrate into the rug pile and remove dust and pollen. Thanks to our cleaning technology,  we give all types of rugs a great cleaning, from antique Persian rugs to shag rugs.

    rinse rugIf you have more questions about how our cleaning service in Long Island Ctiy, Astoria and NYC, you can call us  (347) 966-7996. Our support staff is ready to answer all your questions and book a convenient appointment time for you. Keeping your rug in pristine condition is a lot of work and GNG Carpet Cleaning will save you time and hard work. GNG Cleaning also provides professional cleaning for your carpets, and upholstery.

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